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Activities of the IEEE 1364 Verilog Behavioral Task Force

This site contains information about the current activities of the Verilog Standards Group and it's sub-committees, the Behavioral Task Force (BTF), PLI Task Force (PTF) and the Errata Task Force (ETF).
The following documents have been created by the EGG: checklist.txt, guidelines.txt, and process_flow.pdf

ETF minutes can be found here.

Summaries can be found for:

All issues in database

All open issues

ETF errata open issues

BTF enhancement open issues

ETF proposals

ETF passed issues

BTF proposals

BTF passed issues

PTF errata open issues

PTF enhancement open issues

PTF proposals

PTF passed issues

VSG passed issues

Detailed information on the current errata and enhancement requests can be found at the database page. The database will be updated as the ETF reviews enhancements and errata.

Email sent to the reflector is archived and can be searched.

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