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We have architected and aided in the implementation of entire verification environments. Because we are experienced with Hardware Verification Languages as well as Verilog, we can use the tools that best fit your need. Whether you are performing verification with simple Verilog, custom PLI, SUPERLOG®, VERA™, or Specman Elite™, we can help. Our founder's involvement with Verilog and Superlog standardization give us the edge on language enhancements that improve verification. Superlog enhancements to Verilog have been donated to Accellera's HDL+ Working Group in which we participate. We are also a Verisity Verification Alliance member.

Our verification environment specifications establish a methodology that ensures greater productivity and more effective testing of the design. Our founder, Mr. Boyd has written conference papers that illustrate the methodology we promote. These papers give examples of VERA™ and SUPERLOG® verification methodologies.

This methodology is critical to our ability to create tests under tight time constraints that achieve very thorough and automated testing.

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