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What is ARTS?

ARTS is an advanced tool to enable consistently reliable software releases. It automatically saves the output of the software under test to logs which are compared against known good logs and can run custom comparison software to validate other outputs of the software under test. To ensure that volatile portions of the output (such as copyright dates or time of execution information) do not cause a failure, the logs are automatically stripped using user specified controls that remove the volatile information prior to the comparison.

ARTS is highly configurable to suit a wide range of applications. Typically, this kind of flexibility comes at the cost of making the test software difficult to use. By centralizing the configuration information into a unified configuration file, ARTS enables the creation of simple tests that all rely on a common configuration. This means that test engineers can focus on test creation and management rather than maintaining the environment. It also makes it easy to accommodate changes in the software under test, such as changing the software from a interpreted simulator to a compiled simulator.

Modes of operation

The ARTS system supports two different modes of operation. The first mode of operation supports interactive testing. This allows a user to run a single test or a set of tests. Typically, this is used when creating new tests before adding them to the test suite, or by developers when running a small test suite prior to committing changes to the software under test to the revision control database.

The second mode supports the automated testing of an entire suite of tests. The suite can be broken up to enable distribution over several machines and can be run on multiple architectures to ensure compliance across several different operating systems. Since the regression mode can also rebuild the software under test every time it is scheduled to run, different versions of the software can be simultaneously tested. For example, a beta release stream can be tested at the same time as bug fixes to the main release stream.

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