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Our expertise with the Verilog language provides a foundation for providing litigation services as a Verilog expert witness. As a non-testifying expert, we can provide your team with insight into a Verilog design. You can test your theories or have us "keep your witnesses honest" in deposition. Our involvement on all of the technical committees that involve the future of the Verilog language, instruction of Verilog classes, and experience creating and verifying Verilog based designs, gives us the credentials to testify.

White & Case LLP Relies on Boyd Technology For Analysis in Patent Infringement Lawsuit

White & Case LLP represented ARM Limited in a patent infringement lawsuit against picoTurbo, Inc. Since picoTurbo's designs were written in Verilog, they turned to us when they needed someone who could understand the infringing designs and describe the relevant portions of the design with clarity and accuracy. Several versions of the processor designs were analyzed against the seven patents, each with numerous claims, to identify the specific structures and operations in those designs that infringed on ARM's patents. This analysis was key to the arguments made on ARM's behalf. This lawsuit settled in December of 2001, with picoTurbo acknowledging the validity and enforceability of ARM's patents, ceasing sales and marketing activity, and transferring all their product designs and intellectual property rights to ARM. Read about the settlement in Electronic News.

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